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Eureka - I found it! (Gold)

The California State motto is one word - Eureka - meaning "I found it!" Gold miners shouted Eureka when they found the yellow element. A big event in my home town is the "Gold Nugget Parade" and the "Donkey Derby" in honor of a miner who loaded a 54-pound nugget on his donkey's back and carried it out of the Feather River Canyon. I owned a small dredge in high school thinking I'd suck up hundreds of nuggets from the bottom of the creeks. Unfortunately, I did not shout Eureka in the gold fields, but I've had many other opportunities to find "gold."

Each of us has Eureka moments when we feel inspired and shout, "I found it!" or "I get it!" In KhaiLearning this is Inspiration. We are inspired after acting and doing, which lead to "aha" and new knowledge. Think of a time when you have struggled with a challenge, worked through a problem, and then, suddenly things fall in place and you shout, Eureka! For me this week it was tuning up my bike and going back and forth on the cable adjustments until I realized the relationship between a small screw on the derailleur and a plastic knob near the handle bar - and Eureka! - the bike is tuned.

What is a Eureka moment for you this week. Was it passive or active?

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